"Botany ensures eyeopeners. That is the added value!"

Van Gorp Green food is a vegetable cutting company that specializes in the production of fresh-cut vegetables for the food service market. Through the various innovation projects that run in cooperation with Botany, the company is capable of providing the high quality level of the products for the future. Such projects are carried out in both Botany and of our own location. Because of the relatively small geographical distance can we are able to easily have develoments run by Botany and review results by speaking with the researchers. This makes that Van Gorp Green food not only use Botany's facilities but also makes use of her knowledge and skills. The Botany staff in carrying out the surveys and collects, translates and analyzes the data.

"Botany makes a professional impression on us. They are people who actually "bite" in a project, have a practical approach and communicate results and analyses professionally. Botany thinks along on the project and any areas for improvement. She approaches a project differently than ourselves. By her knowledge and experience to come up with ideas to the project from a completely different angle to approach. This provides eyeopeners. That is the added value! The wide network of Botany is a nice addition to the method. This gives us the chance to establish contacts with various suppliers of climate control and measuring equipment."