“Botany can do it all”

SURfaPLUS investigates the effects of adjuvants on the effectiveness of crop protection products. In many of the research projects concerned our partner Botany carries out the practical operations, which involve propagating and treating plants. Botany also lets out areas to us in which we record various aspects of plants and perform laboratory operations. On a 50/50 basis together with Botany we also commissioned the development of a special cabin for applying crop protection products.

Botany works with a team of highly motivated people who make every effort to serve SURfaPLUS’s interests as well as possible. Botany’s managers are open to criticism, which they handle very fairly. Botany has all the expertise needed with respect to growing greenhouse crops. The company also has a lot of knowhow concerning the use of protection products in such crops.

Our cooperation with Botany enables us to carry out highly diverse projects focusing on adjuvants. The overheads involved in those projects are relatively low, allowing us to bridge periods with less turnover. Before a project is launched, we discuss whether SURfaPLUS will also be involved in its implementation, besides the operations to be carried out by Botany. Field trials, a trial in a grower’s greenhouse or the recording of deposition patterns on leaves – you name it, Botany can do it all.