“Botany aims to establish long-term relations”

Ekompany is a young company specialising in the fertilisation of fruit, vegetables and ornamental crops, mostly grown outdoors. We have been working closely together with Botany since 2010, and in that time we have commissioned more than 50 tests for aspects involved in the development of our fertilisers. In its capacity as scientific party, Botany provides advice, explains things and supports us in our sales activities, for example in meetings.

Botany aims to establish long-term relations – something we greatly appreciate. We regard Botany as a flexible, reliable partner that works in an open, transparent way. They understand precisely what their customers want, and have a great deal of expertise.

We believe that cooperation with Botany is essential for product development and the right market approach. Carrying out reliable tests, explaining what we’re doing and providing further advice enable us to supply products of high quality. This approach also grants us a way of demonstrating the advantages of our products over other products on the market.