Various different substrates are used in horticulture to improve productivity or optimise processing. Botany tests the effects of different types of substrates on plants’ growth and on the availability of water and nutrients. The range of substrates available is tremendously diverse, from peat and coco to inorganic products. We can test different forms of substrate for you, for example plugs, blocks, slabs and cultivation beds. We can also test them for different crops, from pot plants to nursery crops, and from vegetables to ornamental plants.

Stonewool blocks and other substrate blocks are optimized by adjuvants. In our tests we always consider the use value of the various components. We also test the effect of the components on the distribution of the water.

Growing slabs

Growing slabs are a variant on substrate blocks. We evaluate the quality and growing behaviour of the slabs and plants.

Potting soil substrates

Botany tests the quality and use value of different substrates used in potting soil.