Plant health

Botany carries out research for the purpose of improving plant health and crop protection.

Pests may occur in many different horticultural crops. We test the effectiveness of crop protection products against various pests such as thrips, white flies, various aphids, red spider mites, leaf miners, caterpillars and plant bugs. The tests can be carried out in all phases of a plant’s development.

Botany also specialises in testing the effectiveness and crop safety of products for protecting crops against diseases. These tests are performed in many different crops, including greenhouse vegetables, ornamental plants and pot plants. Our expertise covers diseases such as botrytis, rust, powdery and downy mildew, mycosphaerella, pythium and fusarium. 

Seed coating

Seed coating involves several aspects. We perform tests to determine the effects of the components contained in seed coatings and we investigate the effectiveness of crop protection products and crop safety with respect to various diseases.