Innovation Success at Brightbox

Brightbox was officially opened on February 25, 2015. A fully closed multilayer production space with LED lights where diseases have very little opportunity to develop and therefore production without pesticides. The plant will be dealing with the optimal conditions for growth and production.

Now, one year after the official start, Botany is looking back at Brightbox with a positive feeling. These goals we have reached in one year time:

-          In the field of research we have developed appropriate crop recipes for a diverse group of users. This for several leaf vegetables and herbs.

-          Regarding production, the first half was marked by learning and managing the system and solve the teething problems. In the second half year big production jumps in the cultivation of lettuce.

-          Students from several programs have done work placements, teaching assignments and thesis projects, which has led to a growing enthusiasm and interest in the potential of the innovative horticulture.

-          More than 1000 visitors from various backgrounds have visited the Brightbox.


Signing up for quick tour on Thursday is still possible, have a look at: On this webpage you will find out more about Brightbox.

Botany BV continues its current research and development so that we can contribute to a sustainable crop with high production that keeps the next population consuming.