Botany’s main distinguishing features are its expertise, experience and business approach. These qualities are visualised via the following spearheads.

Flexible: Our broad expertise, focusing on both cultivation and research, enables us to flexibly address the most diverse issues. We can also easily adapt systems to find answers to specific research questions. 

Reliable: We adequately inform our customers about progress and results and stick to all the agreements we make. We also observe strict confidentiality. 

Experienced: Botany has a team of experts with many years’ experience in cultivation and research.

Systematic: Precision is one of our key concerns. We will take all your wishes seriously, and work accurately, according to a predetermined plan. 

Effective: Different operations call for different types of expertise. We will therefore select the specific expertise needed to meet your requirements.

Quality: High quality is our number-one aim. Our test methods are all entirely objective and are continuously evaluated and optimised.